Is it safe to enter my credit card information when I?m reserving a parking space?
Yes, it?s safe. The parking lot operator, CPH Parkering KÝbenhavn, has partnered with a recognised supplier of transaction security (Thawte).

Why do I have to use my credit card?
Your credit card functions as both a means of payment and a ticket to the parking facility. Your card is ?recognised? when you use it to enter the car park where you booked a space. That is why it is important that you use the same card to access the facility as the one you used when you made your reservation.
If you lose your credit card after you use it to reserve a spot, we can use your name and address to find your reservation.

Can I reserve a specific parking space?
No, you can only reserve an unspecified space in a specific car park. When you enter the facility, you have your pick of the empty spots.
CPH Parkering guarantees that there will be a parking space available when you arrive.

Why can?t I see all the different car parks on the screen when I make my reservation?
Only the car parks that still have spaces available for the time you wish to park will be shown. If a particular parking facility does not appear on the screen, it is because there are no spots available at the time you selected.

Do I receive confirmation of my reservation?
Yes. Immediately after your reservation goes through, a confirmation e-mail will be sent to you at the address you specified. We recommend you print it out and take it with you to the airport, because it contains all the information you may need later.

What if I arrive earlier or later than planned?
You can arrive up to six hours before and six hours after the time you specified as the starting time of your reservation. In other words, if you reserved a space from 12 noon, you can enter that parking facility at any time between 6 am and 6 pm.
If you start the booking before the estimated time of arrival the estimated time of exit is equally reduced.†The use of the parking space is calculated from the time where you actually begin the parking (and not from the agreed start time) and until you exit of the car park. If you have booked a parking space for three days (72 hours) and begin the parking on day 1 at 09:00 am, then your paid booking period expires on day 4 at 09:00 am even if the booking was agreed to 12:00 pm.

What if I come home later than planned?
If you need to park for a longer period of time than you made your reservation for, we will simply charge you for the extra time when you leave the car park.
When paying for overstay, after the creditcard has been registered in the right slot, the creditcard then needs to be inserted in the left slot.

Is there help if I have a problem?
If you have problems with your reservation, you can always call us on 3252 8300. We are open 24 hours a day, every day of the year.
If you have any problems on your arrival or departure from the car park, you can ring the number above or use the intercom at the gate to call for help.

Can I cancel or change a reservation?
Yes. You can either change or cancel your reservation.
?If you cancel up to 48 hours in advance, the whole amount you have paid will be refunded.
?If you cancel later than 48 hours in advance, the whole amount will be refunded, except an administration fee of DKK 50,-.
?If you fail to turn up without cancelling the amount and the reservation fee won?t be refunded.
?If you make a new reservation, there is no guarantee that there will be a space available in the car park you wish to use.

What do I do if I have reserved a place and upon arrival the pylon indicates that the car park is fully booked?
This has no consequence for you. You can enter the car park anyway since you have a valid reservation. The red sign across the car park only affects the customers with no reservation.

Can I use the same credit card for more than one reservation?
Yes, but only if the reservations are not meant for the same period of time.
If you need to prebook for more than one car in the same period of time you will have to use different credit cards for each booking.